My midnight part time job…

May 31, 2008

Just like many others having part time job on top of their full time job, I am not excluded too. I have a part time job and I have been serving my job for few months now.

Sigh… What to do? Life is tough now… with current high inflation and low pay job, I just need to find extra money to continue sustaining my current expenses and bills. After all, if I don’t work hard when I am still young and energetic, when else? He he he… Anyway, I gotta stop whining. Complains always make one person lethargic, don’t you think so?

Try to guess what is my part time job? My only hint: I usually start working late at night… Could I work as a:-

1. Strip club bouncer

Night Club Bouncer

2. Gigolo?


Hahaha… make your mind straight guys. None, of the above actually. My part time job is a “general worker” to my girlfriend when she starts baking late at night. My job scope includes…

1. preparing the utensils

2. mixing all the ingredients

3. do some light decorating and

4. wash and clean up and etc …etc… etc… (general jobs essentially)

Oh…for all the jobs that I do above…I don’t get paid. I’m just a “slave” working for my girlfriend just to have a piece of her cup cake. An hour job for 2 cup cakes… I know what comes to your mind… You guys must be thinking I am such an idiot to work for 2 cup cakes for an hour. But think of it that way, people are selling cup cakes outside for RM4.50 per piece. So effectively I am taking home RM9.00 per hour. I challenge you guys to find me such a good deal for a part timer :-). I just need food, that’s all…

If my justification is not acceptable, just think of it this way…All are done in the name of love. The love for her and the cup cakes…hahaha.

Okay, cut the crap. These are some of the cup cake pictures that I took. All are freshly bake cup cakes:-

Cupcake 1

and zoom in version…

Cupcakes 2

After faithfully perform my job, I got to enjoy my wages…

Cupcakes 3

Super duper yummy….

Yawn.. I need some sleep now. Signing off..goodnight…

May 31, 2008 @ 2.45am



  1. Well done RY, u had me guessing what late night shift u’ve been on. The baking looks really good, u’re lucky to have a gf who bakes and still manages to stay slim. Not so lucky for me :p

    I shall look forward to your future articles and will leave comments as appropriate hehe….

  2. I tot wat u doing late at nite… Looks like your gf is a good cook.. U must introduce her to me…. I loves cupcake. If u read my blog, u know I am crazy about the cupcakes *he he he* See u soon this Wed 😉

  3. wow wish i had a girlfriend who could bake so well too aha =)

  4. wahlaoooo!!! loooksss soo deliciouSSSS!!! haha why ur’s is pink topping others are choc topping? hahaa..special for u? sooo Sweeeettttlaa u bothh..u sacrifice for her..she pamper u with food..hahahaa..sweeTTT!!! =]

  5. Cristin: Yeah, she bakes but she doesn’t eat. Sigh!

    Cheryl Leong: I already introduced to you on Wednesday. Next time, I asked her to bake some for you okay. In return, you help her to promote..haha!

    Ern Sheong: Haha..God shall answers you prayer, bro!

    Jeline: Why is it pink ar? Because that is the old picture..hahaha.

  6. Wow…looks yummy and delicious. I don’t mind join your midnight job hehehe :p

  7. Hi, first time here at your blog. 😀 Will going to be your future neighbor ..next time can order cupcakes from your gf…hehe.

  8. Hello MM, nice to meet you. I really love your blog. I think it is very informational and sweet. Hope you will continue supporting my blog.

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