Fuel Saving Tips (Part II) but …

June 4, 2008

I was about to write about my Fuel Saving Tips Part (II) until I saw the The Star’s today newspaper headline. The headline for June 3, 2008 is “NEW FUEL SUBSIDY” and “Govt to announce scheme tomorrow, say Pak Lah“.


I stopped for a while, deciding whether I should continue writing or not. I decided not to, simply because I wanna see what kind of new subsidy scheme the government is going implement and most importantly what are the rakyats’ response after the long awaited announcement. Who knows the announcement might cause me to re-consider my tips. However, I don’t think that is likely. In fact I think you guys will love my tips so much, that you all might just embrace my idea without any second thought.

So just stay tune for the Part II on Fuel Saving Tips.

Before I end this post. I just wanna let you guys know that, I am feeling touched and encouraged by you guys. You guys?…yes you guys the readers. You all are just superb. Look below:-

Record Stats

My blog has been in new record setting spree since May 31. As of midnight, I already have 94 views on my blog. To be frank, I am very happy each time I see record high hit but at the same time I am not convince that I will repeat the feat. But with you guys’ support, I have been hitting record high for the past 4 days.

Even I have to die now, I think I will die as a happy man and end up as a happy ghost…hahaha!

Anyway, from the “deepest” bottom of my heart, I wanna say thank you guys for your support. It does encourage me to continue writing. I have personal target actually, that is, if I continue writing for the next 6 months and consistently getting 250 hits everyday, I shall consider getting myself a domain and host it. It would be great if I can do that in the next 6 months. Now you know my target, so why still sitting around? Go spread the news about my blog….hahahaha.

If I have the opportunity I want my blog to be as “powderful” as kennysia’s and xiaxue’s blog. Imagine getting 17,000 – 20,000 hits a day. Wahhhhh……

Now leave me alone to IMAGINE !!…Shoooh…

Moral of this post:-

If you can imagine it, then you can have it!

Latest Update: Total hit for June 3 is 100.



  1. haha thiss is the funniestttttt post ever!!! whr got ppl post no. of visitors/ readers chart one? haha anyway good good!!! it’s just different!!! c’nue being urself and giving the best shot brooo!!!!!!!!

  2. hohoho man yeah most bloggers never post their actual numbers on their blogs. but i look at them everyday though. (and it’s not peaking all the time anymore ahah) keep it up!

  3. Ya Rueh Yinn, you know that you can reply us by putting in the comment box too right. Never see you reply to any of our’s one? Somemore want ppl to comment…takda comment balik you, mana kita mau comment lagi, like talking to air only. Interaction is both way one lo.

  4. Jeline: So so so happy you actually read my blog. I know I always can count on you guys to support. Yes, no one do that, I think I am just too open. I find the joy of seeing people actually read what I write.

    Ern Sheong: Nice to have you comment on it again. Anyway, let me introduce to you Jeline and Jolene. They are CHC-ians also. Jeline and Jolene, meet Ern Sheong!

    Jolene: Wah, why so emotional? Okay okay, I start commenting already. Don’t get so upset okay. I thought, we met so often that I thought I can tell you face to face..haha. When are you gonna start blogging?

  5. Hahaha…quite fast ya your reply…good thats the way. Me blogging? nono…No need la…I enjoy reading others. Let me intro you to another blog inspired by YOU. Think you get this blogging thing started among us. Check this out and tell me who you think the blogger is j-juicy.blogspot.com

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