We Are Moving !!

June 19, 2008


We are sorry for Missing In Action (MIA) almost a week now…

A lot of things happening for the past 1 week! We are contemplating either to continue blogging for free on WordPress or to host it on our own. Juleen and I came to the consensus that we should move !! The reasons are…. (nevermind, I don’t feel like telling grandfather and grandmother stories). Bottom line, we want flexibility…

We are moving to:-


I repeat, it’s:-


Just remember it’s blue with double ‘e’ and pink with double ‘k’ !!!

We’re still in the midst of updating our new blog and hopefully it will be fully operational at the end of this week. If you have linked to this blog, just re – link us to http://blueepinkk.com . I am starting to think that I am spamming this post with http://blueepinkk.com . I hope you guys don’t mind… even if you do, I don’t CARE …simply because this is our blog !!! Hahaha…

See you guys at http://blueepinkk.com . More updates after the weekend…



1) We moved to http://blueepinkk.com

2) Please re – link us

3) Please continue to support our blog

4) We will continue to blog

5) See you guys @ blueepinkk.com



  1. Good luck!

  2. Hey, just continue to stop by at blueepinkk.com! Thanks… you have interesting blog. Keep up the good work!

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