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We Are Moving !!

June 19, 2008


We are sorry for Missing In Action (MIA) almost a week now…

A lot of things happening for the past 1 week! We are contemplating either to continue blogging for free on WordPress or to host it on our own. Juleen and I came to the consensus that we should move !! The reasons are…. (nevermind, I don’t feel like telling grandfather and grandmother stories). Bottom line, we want flexibility…

We are moving to:-

I repeat, it’s:-

Just remember it’s blue with double ‘e’ and pink with double ‘k’ !!!

We’re still in the midst of updating our new blog and hopefully it will be fully operational at the end of this week. If you have linked to this blog, just re – link us to . I am starting to think that I am spamming this post with . I hope you guys don’t mind… even if you do, I don’t CARE …simply because this is our blog !!! Hahaha…

See you guys at . More updates after the weekend…



1) We moved to

2) Please re – link us

3) Please continue to support our blog

4) We will continue to blog

5) See you guys @


Fuel Saving Tips (Part II) but …

June 4, 2008

I was about to write about my Fuel Saving Tips Part (II) until I saw the The Star’s today newspaper headline. The headline for June 3, 2008 is “NEW FUEL SUBSIDY” and “Govt to announce scheme tomorrow, say Pak Lah“.


I stopped for a while, deciding whether I should continue writing or not. I decided not to, simply because I wanna see what kind of new subsidy scheme the government is going implement and most importantly what are the rakyats’ response after the long awaited announcement. Who knows the announcement might cause me to re-consider my tips. However, I don’t think that is likely. In fact I think you guys will love my tips so much, that you all might just embrace my idea without any second thought.

So just stay tune for the Part II on Fuel Saving Tips.

Before I end this post. I just wanna let you guys know that, I am feeling touched and encouraged by you guys. You guys?…yes you guys the readers. You all are just superb. Look below:-

Record Stats

My blog has been in new record setting spree since May 31. As of midnight, I already have 94 views on my blog. To be frank, I am very happy each time I see record high hit but at the same time I am not convince that I will repeat the feat. But with you guys’ support, I have been hitting record high for the past 4 days.

Even I have to die now, I think I will die as a happy man and end up as a happy ghost…hahaha!

Anyway, from the “deepest” bottom of my heart, I wanna say thank you guys for your support. It does encourage me to continue writing. I have personal target actually, that is, if I continue writing for the next 6 months and consistently getting 250 hits everyday, I shall consider getting myself a domain and host it. It would be great if I can do that in the next 6 months. Now you know my target, so why still sitting around? Go spread the news about my blog….hahahaha.

If I have the opportunity I want my blog to be as “powderful” as kennysia’s and xiaxue’s blog. Imagine getting 17,000 – 20,000 hits a day. Wahhhhh……

Now leave me alone to IMAGINE !!…Shoooh…

Moral of this post:-

If you can imagine it, then you can have it!

Latest Update: Total hit for June 3 is 100.


My blog is the center of gravity…

May 28, 2008

When someone speaks, they want to be heard.

When someone writes, they want their writing to be read.

When someone blog, not only they want their article to be read and heard but also to be enjoyed with the hope more and more people will visit your blog in the future.

My blog is only few days old. I know I know, I shouldn’t expect much. But out of my curiosity, I’ll check on my blog stats. I want to know how many people visited my blog and who drive them here. However, I was a little disappointed today as only one person visited my blog. If I ever know who is that person, I think I will give him a hug and thanks…hahaha… because without him my heart will be crushed. You know it is pointless if you put up a blog but no one enjoy what you have on your blog. It is all about sharing, remember? So to cut the crap short, other than having good content, I need traffic…hehe…

Anyway, as I scroll down the blog stat page, I was shocked !!! You know why??? Because my blog is the center of the gravity. Really, I am not lying. See below:-

Haha… okay, I know it is lame. But, I still don’t understand why the search engine would drive that “poor” guy to my blog when I didn’t write anything about gravity whatsoever. However, it is so comforting and amusing to see the blog stats report today. Probably it is God’s way to encourage me to continue blogging. I am sure God has a good sense of humor, don’t you think so? My response to Him will be “I got it, Sir”.

Moral of the story:-

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.
Evan Esar