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May 24, 2008

“Photography” … something that will never capture my interest until a month ago. Everything started to change when my lovely girlfriend was “longing” for a digital SLR. To cut the story short, after some research, we ended up getting ourselves an entry level DSLR, Nikon D60:-

Photography is making us crazy. I have to admit since we have Nikon D60, the way we look at things have changed. Now, we look at everything as though we’re looking through the camera view finder. We never fail to discuss what’s the right moment and angle to take photo almost everyday.


A picture of myself. Do I look professional?


And some of my earlier works which I find pretty impressive:-

….My colleague’s daughter, lovely Ping Chi

Ping Chi

….at Mandurah, Western Australia


and lastly at Perth city…

Perth city

I hope you guys enjoy. Please drop your comments…